What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce has been used since 1969 for the sale and purchase of products via e-commerce (electronic commerce) or online sales via Internet. Of course, as a result of the exponentially growth over the limited scope at the beginning, it has now become a priority over traditional sales methods. Of course, this priority should be evaluated in terms of the advantages offered by e-commerce structures. Examples of advantages include a record-breaking (17.7 billion USD) of a Chinese e-commerce site (Alibaba) with Singles sales per day in 2016, with over 200 countires and 3.5 million companies operating on it. Of course the advantages and disadvantages of c2c, b2c and b2b situation, time, product and service, country, legal regulations, such as the target audience should be interpreted depending on many variables.

Making sales

Whether you have an e-commerce site or not, you can make payments in different ways. On the other hand, today, boutiques on instagram, such as money transfer, cell phone number payment or a credit card or crypto wallet donation service, link payment in many ways, such as the amount of products and services, payments / money transfers. Alternatively, products and services can be marketed.

Sales Through E-commerce Site

You started to list your products via platform or with an application that you developed specially. At this stage, you will need to select a payment service for payment processing.